The Importance of Self Education: Part 1


Learning is a continuous process as we may have already know. But how many of us take out time to learn something new? Every month, every week or even every day?

Very few.

No time we meant say but is that really true, what happen to the time, where did it go? It all boils down to ‘’ Time management’’

There is a saying you can always make time for those thing we consider important to use in life. So it just; where is your priorities are placed?


Self-education, you see all of life’s teachings are directed towards developing one’s self. If am to teach you something and you have no atom of interest in that subject, would never truly know it. It all about your personal interest, however what I found is that change leaders, critical thinker, and all successful people approach new knowledge and information with an open mind. They react by asking specific questions, what is he/she try to say? Is there any angle to this topic? How can I apply this information and who can I share this information with? Simply be open to learning new things and listening to new ideas other than your own.

Build your personal network

Your personal network provide you with people that motivate and inspire you, people you share similar ideas with. It provides you with honest feedback, they can help you test and refine your goals and ideas. Seek to connect with individuals who are ever learning and ready to improve their self and ideas. It would provide you, an everlasting source of motivation seek to truly connect with people.

No matter what anyone is trying to give you is just a contribution to your success story, the greatest gifts you can give your self is Self-Education.

Remember every decision you make is subject to what you know when you make that choice, the more you know the better your choice and options.

Enjoy this video as it’s grantees to inspire you to self-education and the importance of building with people of similar interest.

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One of the greatest laws of self-development states that “you can learn anything you need to accomplish any goal you set for yourself.” What it simply means is that there really is no limit to what you can accomplish.

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